Hunting for a Scope

Aim and shoot… That is the dream of every hunter. But then the shot goes wild! It misses the deer and off it skips to the woods. Grrh! That is not right. A wasted bullet? But it happens when you do not use a scope. This will be your extra eye and it will extend beyond the range that your eye can see. Besides, it will guide you appropriately using crosshairs. Chances are that with a gun scope, you will get four out of every 5 deer you aim at, but I am sure you do not need that many.

So how do you get the best rifle scope for hunting? It should not be too hard even if it is your first time to look for one. One of the things that a hunting scope will do for you is make you an excellent hunter. You need not miss a prey in the wild. There are a few features though that you should know about and make sure that the scope has these and much more. There are so many things to this rather than the brand name alone. What should you look for when buying one?

Some scopes are too complicated

As a potential deer hunter, you cannot allow yourself to be overwhelmed by complicated scopes. Some scopes have too many features, and you will not need all of them. When hunting a deer, you just want a simple scope that can help you to aim and shoot. Some of the features that a scope should have include turrets, glass that should reduce color fringing so that you can see your objects clearly. A standard duplex reticle is also good enough for you, no need to go for the complicated reticles while this one is good enough.

Turrets are tactical adjustments for the wind, distance and other things that affect a shot. Make sure that the turrets do not require you to have a screwdriver for windage settings. It should be easy to operate.

Just remember that your quarry is not too complicated and so you are not looking for a scope with military features and settings. More features mean more money but that is much better than fewer features for less money.

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This is not just the overall magnification, but the multiplication in given instances. For example, what magnification do you get for 100 yards? It would be advisable to choose a scope with 3 times magnification for 100 yards and for 300 yards, you should get 9 times magnification. For 1000 yards range, look for a magnification of 15 times. Although your choice of hunting scope will be determined by the type and size of rifle that you are using, you will need to do research to buy the best scope with the most important features.

Objective lens

This is another important feature. It is better to buy a scope with a large objective lens as such lets in more light and reduces negative effects like mirages and other errors that could misguide your shot. A big lens scope will cost more money, but it will be worth it.

Here are a couple of hunting scopes that I have used and would highly recommend

Nikon Prostaff

Nikon ProStaff 3-9 x 40

If the name is Nikon and the product is an optical item, then you know very well that you have great quality. That is why Nikon Prostaff gun scope comes highly recommended for you. It is made of aluminum, has an objective lens of 40mm and comes with a magnification of up to 9x. It is made with waterproof housing for use in all conditions and is also fog proof.


The scope uses 98% of all available light with the multicoat system that projects color as it is and reduces mirages and aberrations.

Has a lifetime warranty

Incredible sharpness and brightness in the glass


It is quite expensive

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Crossfire II 6

Vortex Crossfire II 6 Riflescope

This is the scope for hunting to go for if you would like to eliminate errors and guesswork from your shooting. It has many wonderful features like the Nitrogen gas purge for the one-inch tube that keeps it fogproof and waterproof. It is shockproof, meaning it can absorb recoil. It is made of aluminum making it quite long lasting.

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The scope will hold zero – this means it is sighted and does not need many readjustments

Gives incredibly sharp views even when set at high magnification

Made with tough aluminum alloy construction


It may not offer precise shots because of the adjustable parallax.